Lisa Marie Varon speaks on GAW TV, being an adult, and fan interaction

In a recent interview with Ella Jay of A Wrestling Gal Podcast, Lisa Marie Varon opened up about her new project GAW TV, being a “grown-ass woman”, and her love for being a part of fan interaction, again.

“Grown Ass Woman TV” (GAW TV) is hosted by Mickie James, Valerie Wyndham, and Varon, and is built for “strong, opinionated women who embrace their femininity while keeping it real.” The trio frequently have guests, and discuss everything from news, their careers, family, relationships, beauty, and more.

Ella asked Varon what it feels like to be a “grown-ass woman”, today. Varon described the difficulty of quitting her day job, a job as a waitress, to focus more on GAW TV.

I was missing out on interviews and podcasts, because I was there at work when they were doing it.”

“You know, I’m part of GAW, too. So, I want to be included. So, I just quit my job and just focused on the show, and the hardest part of being a grown-ass woman is being an adult and having those bills come in. Not having all those guest appearances lined up to go, ‘Okay, at least I have a cushion next month.'”

-Lisa Marie Varon

Listen to the entire interview on here. Visit A Wrestling Gal Podcast for more interviews with your favorite female wrestlers, and check back to Bell To Belles for our exclusive interviews conducted by the talented Ella Jay! Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel for interviews, news, and fun new segments.

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