Trish Adora Speaks on Protecting Her Energy and the Women’s GSI

Trish Adora, who is featured in a tournament on the upcoming Women’s Garden State Invitational 2020 from Synergy Wrestling, chatted with Warren Hayes of Bell To Belles for his YouTube channel “Mr. Warren Hayes” on her last year in wrestling, WWF’s Jacqueline, and protecting her energy as a Black woman in wrestling.

During the interview, Adora cites WWF’s Jacqueline for inspiring her to become a wrestler, especially as a black woman facing men in the industry.

“[The Crash Holly and Jacqueline rivalry] just kind of sparked something in me. I thought that was so cool to just see a black woman having these dope matches, fighting the dudes. I thought that was really cool especially having five brothers and always having to, you know, fend for myself and fight, once in a while. I thought that was awesome. [I thought] ‘I could probably do that some day.'”

Trish Adora, on Jacqueline as an inspiration.

Adora also spoke on avoiding certain wrestling promotions that don’t hold similar values, in order to protect her energy.

“I make a point to not engage, not ask…certain places just got to be by themselves.

I’m not going to reward that with my energy…I need to work, sure, but what I need to do above all is to work at places that I feel are filling me as I am them.” 

-Trish Adora, on wrestling for promotions that don’t hold similar values.

Watch the entire interview with Trish Adora, conducted by Warren Hayes, below. Learn more about Synergy Wrestling’s Women’s GSI, and where to watch the event, here.

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Please credit Warren Hayes for the interview and quote transcription.

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