WWE 50 Greatest Women Superstars: The Top 5

In honor of Women’s History Month, WWE created the series WWE 50 Greatest Women Superstars—listing the 50 most influential and strongest female competitors of WWE’s modern era.

Airing on Peacock in the U.S. and the WWE Network internationally, the series started Monday with numbers 50 through 36, continuing until Friday, where they’ll finish by releasing the top 5.

WWE correspondent Sarah Schreiber hosts the countdown, highlighting each superstar’s legacy and achievements that stands as the basis for their ranking.

WWE 50 Greatest Women
Credit: WWE via Peacock

According to WWE, in order to qualify for the list, Superstars must belong to the “Modern Era”, which is recognized from 1993 until present day. Rankings are based on “in-ring accomplishments, championship victories, and creating legendary moments.”

WWE states that throughout the series, they will highlight “unforgettable Superstars from pre-1993”, also highlighting women who “primarily made their mark outside of the ring.”

WWE 50 Greatest Women
Credit: WWE via Peacock

Between the Monday and Tuesday airings, WWE has released numbers 21 through 50 of the ranking. Between the Wednesday and Thursday airings, WWE has released numbers 6 through 20. Earlier today, WWE released the last installment in the series: the top 5. Listed below is who made the ranking at those spots.

  1. Asuka
  2. Chyna
  3. Becky Lynch
  4. Charlotte Flair
  5. Trish Stratus

Analysis for the top 5 ranked WWE women is simple: no one is surprised. Between Asuka’s historic reign, Chyna’s influence, Becky as “The Man”, Charlotte’s championship reigns, and Trish’s legacy—these five women made a huge impact on women’s wrestling inside and outside of WWE.

Some final stats on the list:

There are 23 women on the list who are active members of the current WWE roster; 38.3% of the current women’s roster is listed on the ranking. This also means that 46% of the ranking is current roster members.

When it comes to inactive WWE women’s titles, 17 of the women ranked held the WWF/E Women’s Championship and 14 of the women ranked held the Divas Championship.

When considering current titles, all 10 NXT Women’s Champions are ranked, the three NXT UK Women’s champions all ranked, all nine SmackDown Women’s Champions are ranked, all eight RAW Women’s Champions are ranked, two of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions are ranked, and all WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are ranked except two: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

Only seven women have held a women’s title in more than one era: Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Natalya, Paige, and Charlotte Flair.

Notably off the list is former Divas Champion Alicia Fox, who wrestled in at least one WWE match for 12 years, totaling 907 matches in all.

How do you feel about the WWE 50 Greatest Women Superstars ranking in its entirety? Do you agree with the rankings? Let us know how you would change the list below!

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