The Indie Hot Seat: Jordan Blade

Jordan Blade is a Virginia-based wrestler who has been blowing up the indie circuit since her debut in 2017.

The love of wrestling began when Jordan started watching at the age of 12. A natural born athlete who excelled in basketball, karate and Ultimate Frisbee, to name a few sports, she began her journey into pro wrestling after graduating college.

Some of the promotions Blade has wrestled for include, GCW, Paradigm Wrestling and H20 Wrestling. and just recently, at the highly-acclaimed Cassandro Cup.

Who is Jordan Blade?

Age: 28

Birthplace:  Richmond, VA

Trained: Ground Xero Wrestling (which is now defunct) under the tutelage WWE NXT UK Referee Chris Sharpe 

Debut Match: June 10th, 2017 at NOVA Pro Wrestling against Donnie Dollars

When Jordan started watching pro wrestling:

“I started watching wrestling at 12 years old, a little after WrestleMania 21.”

Jordan Blade
Photo Credit: @sofiealltimelow

Journey into pro wrestling:

“I made the decision to start training after I graduated college in 2015. I was previously going to start in 2013, but I tore my ACL playing Ultimate Frisbee (I was a competitive Ultimate player in high school and college). I had finished up my rehab on my knee and the day I was discharged from physical therapy, was the same day I had my first wrestling training class. “

“Since I was 12 I always knew I wanted to be a pro wrestler, even going as far as making my mother a PowerPoint presentation on different wrestling schools I wanted to go to. I had played sports since I was 6 years old, so I was always athletic. I played basketball, field hockey, softball, karate, and Ultimate Frisbee. I didn’t start training jiu jitsu until 2018, and I had always loved technical wrestling, but when I started BJJ, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my wrestling style.”

Inspirations in the ring:

Past: Lita, William Regal, Dean Malenko, Jazz
Present: Finn Balor, Shayna Baszler, Kyle O’Reilly, Pete Dunn, Daniel Bryan

Favorite match to date:

“Myself vs. Max The Impaler on Season 2 of Paradigm Pro Wrestling’s UWFi Contenders series.”

Favorite opponent to date:

Trish Adora

Jordan Blade
Photo Credit: JayLee Photography

In-ring style:

“My style is submission and powerhouse based. I use a lot of technical wrestling mixed with jiu jitsu and like to ground my opponent either with holds or strikes. If we’re standing I use a lot of open palm strikes, forearms, and knees, then suplex my opponents all over the ring. “

Trademark moves:

Ankle Lock, T-Bone Suplex, Running Knee

Dream opponents:

Trish Adora (over and over again),Lee Moriarty, Deonna Purrazzo, Dominic Garrini, Matt Makowski, Tony Deppen, Edith Surreal, Suge.

Future goals:

“I just want to inspire people. Inspire people that look like me that they can be successful in a world that attempts to keep them down. I want to show my son the value of hard work. And for me, my goal is to be considered one of the best technical wrestlers on the planet. “

“2021 is going g to be the year of the Submission Sniper. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @jordan_blade92.”

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