The Indie Hot Seat: Vicious Vicki

New Jersey native Vicious Vicki has only been wrestling professionally for two years, but has the determination and strive to succeed. Vicki began watching wrestling at the tender age of three and instantly fell in love. After battling addiction, Vicki turned her life around and began to follow her dreams.

Vicious Vicki has been wrestling all over the states for promotions like Global Syndicate Wrestling, Warriors of Wrestling and Titan Championship Wrestling. She is currently the TCW Goddess Champion.

Who is Vicious Vicki?

Age: 27

Birthplace: Belleville, NJ

Trained: Began training at Create a Pro with Pat Buck and is continuing her training with Danny Cage at Monster Factory.

Debut Match: April 3rd 2019 Vicious Vicki participated in a 6-man tag match at WrestlePro.

Vicious Vicki
Photo Credit: JayLee Photography

When she started watching pro wrestling:

Vicious Vicki began watching pro wrestling at three years old.

Her journey into pro wrestling:

“I wanted to be a wrestler since I was a very young girl. I had my first taste at a youth clinic when I was 11 years old. As I got older, my parents didn’t really think that it would be a career, as they thought it was more of a pipe dream. Not that they didn’t believe in me because my parents were awesome, but they were just trying to be a bit realistic.”

“I had a battle with drug addiction for about 4 to 5 years that set me back. Throughout my journey of addiction, childhood, and teen years I always had a dream of being a professional wrestler. When I finally had about 2 to 3 years of sobriety under my belt I made the decision to finally join the school and for fill my lifelong dream.”

Inspirations in the ring:

“Lita is my absolute all-time favorite. I’ve grown up watching her and fell in love right away with her style and attitude. I am still a huge fan to this day, I mean, her name is tattooed on my neck. Present day motivation and inspiration would be the Queen Charlotte Flair.”

Favorite match/opponent to date:

“Can’t really pinpoint a favorite match, but my favorite opponent of all time so far has been the Notorious Mimi and Gabby Ortiz. They both have been my friends in the business since I started, and I love their style of wrestling. We know each other in and out of the ring so well that working with them is an absolute delight, and stories are to be told.”

Vicious Vicki
Photo Credit: Brian K Photo

Her in-ring style:

“Style is very ground and pound. I do have some things I’ve been whipping out recently that are out of the norm for me such as a frog splash.”

Trademark moves:

My trademark moves would be my inverted DDT named the Jersey turnpike. The running bulldog combo out of the corner. And the  side effect.

Dream opponents: 

“Lita, Sasha, Charlotte.”

Future goals:

“My goal is to be signed to a major company. The end goal will always be WWE, but I am open to other major companies as well.”

Words of Wisdom:

“My advice to anybody is they always go for your dreams. I was a hopeless person at one point in my life because I made myself that way. Until I got my head out of my ass, cleaned up my act, and realized my worth in life, I’ve been able to fulfill so much in such a short amount of time. One year in to wrestling, I landed myself a WWE try out. To this day I still can’t believe that happened. I am very grateful for my training, and all of those who believed me on my journey. This is just the beginning, I’m just getting started, and I’ll never stop till I get to where I need to be.”

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