Erica Leigh

The Indie Hot Seat: Erica Leigh

Independent wrestler Erica Leigh didn’t grow up a wrestling fan like most of her cohorts. She fell in love with wrestling on a date in 2015, and the rest was history.

Leigh moved from her home state of New Jersey to Virginia to begin her training, and eventually to Philadelphia to train at Chikara Wrestle Factory.

Since her debut match in 2018, Erica has wrestled for promotions like GCW, Beyond Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Magic. She is currently the Pro Wrestling Magic Champion.

Erica Leigh
Photo Credit: JayLee Photo

Who is Erica Leigh?

Age: 24

Birthplace: New Jersey

Training: “I started out in a barn in Central Virginia. Luckily, current NXT UK referee Chris Sharpe came by and took pity on a good group of kids. Taught us so much. Some concepts didn’t click right away, but when they did, I realized how ahead I was, because he had put the bug in my ear early. I eventually moved to Philly and trained at the Chikara Wrestle Factory.”

Debut Match: March 2018 vs. Jordan Blade.

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“2015! On a date! Fell in love with him and wrestling. Growing up I thought the kids that watched wrestling were weird. Never gave it a chance. I didn’t have anyone in my family who watched it either, so I was just never really exposed to it.”

Her journey into pro wrestling:

“After two years of watching, I was convinced I had to try it. I found someone who agreed to take me with her to training. Jordan Blade became a nemesis, a former tag partner, and a close personal friend.”

Inspirations in the ring:

“X-Pac, Billie Kay, Mickie James, Big Dust, Kurt Angle, Bobby Heenan, Kanyon, Test.”

Erica Leigh
Photo Credit: Chris Grasso

Favorite match to date and favorite opponent:

“[A] singles match at Pizza Party against Big Dan was the most fun I’ve ever had in a ring. Favorite opponent is Killian McMurphy. I also really enjoy teaming with my tag partner Boar. Tag team wrestling is so much fun and I hope I get to do more of it.”

Her in-ring style:

“I’m not a moves guy. I do a variation on a Saito Suplex that people seem to like, and a spear. My favorite thing to hit is a Big Boot. But I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel with high flying moves like Billy Dixon. I’m not looking for unique pinning combinations like Edith Surreal, or technical transitions like Eel O’Neal. I want to kick someone in the face and then scream real loud as I look into a fan’s eyeballs. I want to inspire people to chant ridiculous things like ‘pee-pee, poo-poo.'” 

Dream opponents: 

“Thunder Rosa, Ryback, Myles Millenium.” 

Future goals:

“Stay healthy and keep my nose clean.”

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