The Indie Hot Seat: Little Mean Kathleen

Little Mean Kathleen has only been wrestling for under two years but is starting to make a name for herself in New England. She fell in love with wrestling as a teenager, and while attending an independent show with her father, she decided to begin training.

Since her debut at the end of 2019, Kathleen has wrestled for Top Rope Promotions, Beyond Wrestling and Limitless Wrestling.

Who is Little Mean Kathleen?

Age: “Young and BUFF”

Birthplace: New England

Trained: Kathleen still trains at the Lock-Up Pro Wrestling school in Massachusetts under the tutelage of Ryan Drew. She also trained with Nick Steel for a year and was able to attend training with The Kingdom.

Debut Match: “My debut match was a mixed tag for Top Rope Promotions. It was me and Shane Alden vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin and Luscious Latasha. Latasha and I ended up in a few confrontations at shows following.”

Little Mean Kathleen
Photo Credit: Jon Washer

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“I started watching when I was a teenager. It was on TV, and as soon as I started watching, I was hooked. “

Her journey into pro wrestling:

“Pretty soon after I started watching, I knew I wanted to be a wrestler. I was at a Top Rope show with my dad and they mentioned an open house at their school. I went to the open house and never stopped going!”

Little Mean Kathleen
Photo Credit: JayLee Photography

Inspirations in the ring:

“I really love Sherri and Velvet McIntyre. The ladies of the 80s are my favorite to watch.”

Favorite match to date:

“Any match where I win! (Which isn’t many).”

Her in-ring style:

“My style is little and MEAN.”

Dream opponents: 

“Maki Itoh. I feel like it would be a chaotic match.”

Future goals:

“My goals are to get wherever the business will take me. I’m enjoying myself, so far, and hopefully I can get to travel more. I’d like to wrestle in Japan, at some point.”

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