Mickie James Empowerrr

Mickie James on Who To Expect at Empowerrr, Dream Opponents

Before the two-day event in August, Kristen Ashly of Bell To Belles spoke with Mickie James on Empowerrr and NWA 73 for her column, “The W Column”, in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

On June 8, wrestling legend Mickie James announced on an episode of NWA Powerrr that the historic promotion would run its first all-women’s event Empowerrr in late August.

James was asked if she could share which talent fans could expect to see at the all-women’s pay-per-view.

“Obviously, we have the entire NWA women’s roster that will be featured on the card,” shared James. “Melina, new NWA talent Kylie Rae, now Jennacide and [Taryn Terrell]. But we also have newcomers like Lady Frost who’ve really caught my eye. However, I did say I was looking for new talent. Talent we haven’t really seen, yet. I have been taking submissions at a special email that I have personally read, and watched every package sent to me, along with my dear friend and teammate who’s helping me a lot behind the scenes to bring this all together, Brent Tarring.”

James continued, “I am hoping to have the card finalized this week. I am working on surprises, build-ups, packages, and announcements now leading out until the pay-per-view. We are also building to the entire weekend with a new NWA series ‘Race To The Chase’ exclusively on their YouTube [channel], as well, to all lead up to St. Louis. So follow my socials, our socials, and perhaps even your TV to see what’s in store.”

On the night following Empowerrr, NWA will hold a special event commemorating their 73rd anniversary titled “NWA 73”. It will be the first time in nearly four decades that professional wrestling will take place at Chase Park Plaza hotel in the Central West End of St. Louis. Wrestling was last seen at the Chase in 1984, when WWF produced two episodes of “Wrestling at the Chase”.

Last month, James announced she would return to the ring at NWA 73, and asked fans who she should compete against at the pay-per-view. James was asked if she had any finalists in mind for the match.

“So many! And I am honored,” stated James. “Top of the list, even though I know we’ve seen it before, Serena [Deeb]. Oh, I think the AEW champion Britt Baker is killing it, right now. I think Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo is in a class all her own, and would absolutely love a chance to work with her.”

James continued, “I know I and all my fans are looking forward to the chance to work with Thunder Rosa. I think Kylie Rae and I could have an incredible match together and would love to wrestle her. And personally, on a real level, I would love to stand face-to-face with Kiera Hogan. Because that’s a real moment. However, the biggest thing I’m learning in putting this whole event together is the amount of truly talented women out there. It’s pretty incredible to see. Also, I’d really love to go to Japan. I’ve never been, aside from WWE. It’s pretty much the only place left for me. It’s on the bucket list.”

With all of her dream opponents listed for the event, the former three-time Knockouts Champion was asked if she had plans to work with Impact Wrestling or AEW for the event.

“That is the goal,” shared James. “I have been very vocal that I am willing to do business with anyone who wants to do business with me. I have zero ego about that. I want everyone to shine. I actually just want women’s wrestling to shine. Since not one of us have actually done something like this for the women, or at least not in some time, I would really love if we all could come together, even if just for this one dance; to put in one hell of a night, to truly celebrate the women in this industry on a whole new level. Teamwork makes the dream work! Always.”

See the entire interview with Mickie James in “The W Column” in PWI, the issue to be released digitally prior to Empowerrr in August.

Empowerrr and NWA 73 will happen on August 28 and 29, respectively, and will air live on FITE.

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