Donna Del Mondo members Giulia and Syuri on remaining dominant

Kristen Ashly of Bell To Belles interviewed Donna Del Mondo members Giulia and Syuri for Pro Wrestling Illustrated on the legacy of their faction, international aspirations, their new tag team ALK, and remaining dominant both in tag team wrestling and singles competition.

Ashly noted that every member of Donna Del Mondo debuted and trained in other companies before coming to Stardom. She asked Giulia and Syuri if that is why they believe their faction has remained so dominant over the past few years.

“It was a big gamble that we were all trained by different groups, but I think it was a success,” revealed Giulia. “Wrestlers with different practice styles and match styles help one another improve by absorbing each other’s strong points. In particular, Syuri, who has a wealth of fighting experience and a long professional wrestling career, gives us a great deal of experience. I think the confidence that we’re training with Syuri makes us bigger and better.”

Giulia continued, “Now what I find suitable for a member of Donna Del Mondo is the desire for strength. Seeking competition and fighting. The more viewpoints you have, the better, but I intend to take in members who have the emotions that are most necessary for professional wrestling. If you are not a person with a strong core, you will not be a true star no matter how skillful or brilliant you are, and conversely, if you have a solid core, you will surely be a star that will impress the audience even if you are inexperienced in technique.”

“Each member of DDM has a strong desire and a consciousness to shine, and we all have strong personalities,” added Syuri. “I think that gathering these particular members makes us stand out from other units. We’re a unit that shook the world of women’s professional wrestling…no, the entire professional wrestling world.”

As a tag team, Giulia and Syuri remain a dominant force in Stardom, even wrestling at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 in a dark match. The pair was asked what their thoughts were going into the match.

“I was really happy to be able to wrestle at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Tokyo Dome show,” started Syuri. “I thought it was an opportunity to show the excitement and greatness of STARDOM to those who have only seen New Japan Pro Wrestling and men’s wrestling. However, I’m hoping that a Stardom Tokyo Dome show will become a reality, not just a dream that was born out of performing on NJPW’s stage at the Tokyo Dome.”

Giulia added by saying, “I think that female wrestlers are highly evaluated in professional wrestling in America, but Japanese female wrestlers are still not highly evaluated. Wrestle Kingdom is an event that pro wrestling fans around the world pay attention to, so I felt a sense of pride in introducing myself to pro wrestling fans all over the world on behalf of all Japanese female wrestlers. It was also the day when I fulfilled a big dream of wanting to be in the same ring as New Japan Pro-Wrestling.”

Syuri is known for being pretty popular within all Stardom factions, having good relationships with members from each. She was asked if she thought that hurt or helped Donna Del Mondo stay on top.

“Donna Del Mondo is a group of wrestlers with strong individuality,” stated Syuri. “Everyone contributes something to create this unit. For example, my experience in pro wrestling and MMA overseas, that’s my strength, and I’m going to use that to our advantage. I think Donna Del Mondo, with our strong personalities, is the most powerful unit.”

The entire feature interview will be published in the upcoming edition of PWI, set to hit digital sale and print pre-order on August 5.

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