Edith Surreal PWI 500

Women of the 2021 PWI 500: #192 Edith Surreal

To celebrate a historical year for women’s wrestling, in collaboration with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Bell To Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI 500 ranking, creating the “Women of the 2021 PWI 500” Interview Series. To empower women in wrestling even more, some of the interviews were conducted by the talented women who make up wrestling media.

Edith Surreal, who ranked #192 on the PWI 500, chats with Warren Hayes of Bell To Belles on tournament wrestling, her toughest opponents, the LGBTQ+ community, and more!

Edith is an important part of the LGBTQ+ wrestling community. Warren asked Edith why the connection is so strong between the indies and the LGBTQ+ community.

“When we were growing up wrestling, there weren’t many people who looked like us, that we could relate to, that were inspired by, within wrestling. We took those things from elsewhere. We took them from music, or theater, or movies, or ballroom culture, what have you. All our inspirations come from different places, versus your average independent wrestler on the scene today. Maybe they could relate to someone in the Attitude Era, to wrestlers on TV growing up. They could actually see themselves in them, so there’s that influence there.

With us, we’re pulling in so many different elements. So, what you see at Gay Brunch, and what you see at Cassandro Cup, what you see at Paris Is Bumping feels very fresh for a wrestling perspective, because influences are taken from so many places.”

Watch the entire interview with Edith Surreal below!

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When using this interview, please credit Warren Hayes of Bell To Belles. Credit quote transcription to Bell To Belles.

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