Four Horsewomen

Building New Stars and WWE’s Reliance on the Four Horsewomen

By: Amber McCrudden

I love seeing women succeed, be that in business, the arts or in life in general. This is why I have always showcased my fellow female writers and content creators, over the years. I feel the same way about women in sports and especially wrestling. In saying all of that, we need to have a conversation about the WWE, the Four Horsewomen and their women’s division, a subject I have explored on many occasions during my time as a podcaster and writer.

WWE needs to build new stars. This sentence seems to be a common thing you hear amongst those who watch WWE, and they are not wrong. Not everyone can be a star, we all know this, but the main event scene does become a bit stale if you are only focusing on four to six women who are being used interchangeably within feuds for the championships. I am not going to sit here and say that the Four Horsewomen aren’t incredibly talented, they are, and really pushed to change the game and how women should be used on a weekly wrestling show. But the people at the top need to start extending this to all the women within the division.

First, let’s talk about the stars that WWE has built in the last year, along with those who should be in the conversation. Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley were in the final three of the Women’s Royal Rumble this year, eliminating Charlotte Flair, and both going on to challenge and win the two women’s single championships at WrestleMania. But, you need more than two stars, and there are options; women who have already been there for a while, or have just been called up from NXT. The likes of Toni Storm, Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler have great fan support and the potential to be the next big star of the division.

Despite all of this and the fan support that these women have, it seems that the WWE panicked and decided to but both the titles on two already established stars. The past year and a half has shown how depleted the women’s division truly is, as well as how much the WWE has relied on the Four Horsewomen along with Alexa Bliss and Asuka, who is horrendously underutilised, to create big moments. In the last year alone, we have needed new stars after Becky Lynch left to have a baby and Charlotte Flair took a leave of absence. While both Bayley and Asuka are out injured, Alexa Bliss is off TV and Sasha Banks has just returned after a leave of absence, herself.

What the WWE did was build new stars while fully embracing the need for people like Sasha Banks and Bayley while also throwing Asuka into the mix for the first time, in a while. Once those feuds were over, Sasha Banks and Asuka helped build these new stars taking them to WrestleMania, and as if by magic, the WWE actually gave us what we wanted: two new stars of the women’s division. What would follow over the next six months illustrates why the WWE need to move away from the Four Horsewomen holding championships. This doesn’t mean they can’t be in the mix or have storylines, but the four of them have elevated the division and the art of wrestling to a point that they don’t need a championship to have a great feud.

So, the big question is, how do we fix the problem with the women’s division? Bring back Evolution, give more focus to the tag team division, bring back the Mae Young Classic and give the women more TV time to tell compelling stories inside and outside the ring. The WWE feels like it has taken a huge step back with its presentation of the women’s division, but I must reiterate that doesn’t mean that they are not extremely talented women. The WWE need to shows its audience and its female ‘independent contractors’ that they are valued, and their hard work will be rewarded, without making it seem like jumping on a bandwagon or a publicity stunt.

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