Trish Adora 2021 PWI 500

Trish Adora’s Championship Reign Is Crucial

By: Canadace

On February 16, 2020, Trish Adora was crowned the first Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Champion. With a thunderous crowd cheering her on, to the point where the room seemed to shake, you just knew that this was an important moment. The creation of this belt couldn’t have happened at a better time. We as fans, are seeing a great amount of black talent getting signed to top promotions around the world and tear it up on the independent scene.

As exciting as this is, we still have a long way to go when it comes to having proper representation for black wrestlers. This Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Championship allows for a lane to be opened for black wrestlers to feel that their talent, stand out character development and unique cultures within the African Diaspora are on display.

I believe that Trish Adora’s title reign is truly unique and important for many reasons. For one, the crowning of Trish Adora was done at a Fight Club pro event.

Trish Adora and Fight Club Pro both hail from Washington D.C. The city is affectionately known as the Chocolate City. Washington D.C has been such an important city for Black Americans. With Fight Club Pro knowing the strong presence that Blacks have in D.C. and Trish being crowned the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora champion in this city, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Or symbolic.

Starting the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora title history with a women is so fitting. Black Women have given so much to our community. When we see a need, we not only speak out, but we put our words into action. We carry that flag proudly. That’s just what we do. Period. Trish Adora is no different.

Her reign has produced high ranking matches with wrestlers like Darius Lockhart, Mr. Grim, Lee Moriarty and Queen Aminata. That resulted in Pro Wrestling Illustrated recognizing the title as a world championship belt and Trish Adora been the highest-ranking women on the PWI list in September. That’s some Black girl magic for you!

Adora’s stellar performance in the Women of Honor tournament has brought attention to the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora championship as well. She has recently been added to the ROH women’s roster.

Trish is holding a prominent heavyweight title, while also seeking to capture the ROH belt. If she captures both, then she could travel the world and gloat about holding multiple belts. Like Deonna Purrazzo in Impact.

Trish might also be affiliated with Shane Taylor Promotions. Shane Taylor promotions has helped to spotlight some outstanding black talent that have been overlooked in the company. Shane’s stable is holding on to some important gold in ROH. If Shane Taylor promotions becomes aligned, in some capacity with Trish, then the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora champion can have some serious backup and interesting possibilities.

In another scenario, Trish could become disillusioned with trying to get the ROH women’s title. She might feel that her Pan Afrikan championship belt is more prestigious. This could lead her to opening the “Forbidden Door” and inviting challengers from other promotions, to see if they measure up.

Trish Adora is a natural leader. She handles that responsibility with grace and humility. It seems like she understands the gravity and pressure that comes with establishing a new title. She has stated herself, that she thinks about what the future could hold for the title. Trish not only collaborated with the designer of the belt but talked about being a wrestler one day and having a title like this. A championship that would represent her community.

The way that Trish proudly holds the title and beams with pride, is the same way that Nick Aldis wore the Ten Pounds of Gold. Just like Aldis made the NWA championship mean something, Trish Adora is making the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora championship look like the title to have.

This Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Championship is representing change, legitimacy, recognition, pride, diversity within the diaspora, unity, appreciation for one another and most importantly, a change in the wrestling world.

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