EVE Lucky 13 Preview: Bow Down to the Queens

Pro-Wrestling: EVE is spending the weekend hailing queens of women’s wrestling.

On Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6, EVE will hold a two-night event titled EVE Lucky 13: All Hail The Queens at The Dome in London.

In true EVE fashion, the line-up features women from the UK, US, and Japan—hosting veterans, up-and-comers, fan favorites, and debuting of women’s wrestling. The card is indicative of what we love about EVE: skilled wrestling mixed with fun shenanigans, a mixed group with differing years of experience, and a hot crowd.

Friday night’s card will include a 4-woman EVE Generations Tournament, an Iron Woman Match to decide the EVE Champion, and a tag team match with a debuting talent.

Saturday night will feature an EVE Tag Team Championship match, a special challenge match, and the tournament finals.

Let’s get to the event breakdown.

Night 1: Friday, May 5

M62 Wrecking Crew vs. Rhio and Lucy Sky – Tag Team Match

Lizzy Evo and Alexxis Falcon of the M62 Wrecking Crew are on opposite corners of the ring, more often than not. In fact, the two previously held a pretty heated rivalry over the last few years. The only people Falcon has competed against more than Evo is Lana Austin and Taonga. Both Evo and Falcon have competed against Rhio over a dozen times, and Friday, they’ll have to again. Rhio, current ICW Women’s World Champion, will pair with an EVE debut, Lucy Sky, against her frequent foes.

Questions remain with this match: will M62 get along enough to win? Will “The Unbreakable” Rhio and Sky pull out a win as a new team?

4-woman EVE Generations Tournament

EVE has always been debut-friendly with their talent. If you have the promise and drive, they’ve got a spot for you. Nothing could prove that truer than the EVE Generations Tournament. Four women representing two different eras of EVE will compete in a one-night single-elimination tournament for the chance to challenge the EVE Champion on July 2.

The “Future Era” Block match is between UK sensation 19-year-old Safire Reed and 18-year-old Billie Starkz—a US sensation debuting for EVE.

The “Modern Era” Block match is between familiar UK favorites Laura Di Matteo and Emersyn Jayne. Both having competed against each other prior to this match-up.

Winner of each match will face each other Friday night, with the winner scoring the EVE title opportunity in July.

Will the rising stars beat the UK regulars? Or will the modern era stars teach the young wrestlers a thing or two?

30-minute Iron Woman Match for the EVE Championship

Miyu Yamashita will defend her EVE Championship once again against Millie McKenzie.

The match will mark the fourth time the two have shared a ring together. Last year, they battled against each other at Revolution Championship Wrestling, EVE, and Tokyo Joshi Pro. At TJPW All Rise ’22, Yamashita successfully defended her title against McKenzie. Yamashita is up 2-1 against McKenzie, and McKenzie is so sure she’ll win the title, she’s up the stakes 30 minutes.

Fans are anxious to see if the Pink Striker can use her deadly kicks to retain once more against former Medusa Complex member and EVE Tag Team Champion McKenzie.

Also appearing on Night 1 will be Nina Samuels & The Ava and The Royal Aces.

Night 2: Saturday, May 6

Night 2’s card will depend on the results of Night 1, though there’s some extra special matches added for extra fun.

Special Challenge Match: Billie Starkz vs. Miyu Yamashita

Both Starkz and Yamashita will have challenging matches on Night 1, so it’ll be interesting to see how energetic and powerful they’ll be during this special challenge match. The match will be the third time the two have met inside a ring. In July, Yamashita defeated Starkz and Janai Kai at Garden State PW Welcome To Eden. In November, Starkz paired with McKenzie to defeat Yamashita and Yuka Sakazaki at TJPW Autumn Tour ’22.

When facing Yamashita for the first time, Starkz was excited that her joshi dreams were one step closer to coming true. Will she feel so fond of Yamashita after this bout?

Emersyn Jane vs. Janai Kai

It’s hard to tell just how this match will turn out. Jane and Kai have never faced each other in a ring, so this truly serves as an everything goes, surprise build kind of a match. This is Kai’s debut in EVE, though she’s no stranger to the other competitors from Night 1 and Night 2. “The Best of the Best” is not named that just for kicks, and Jayne is quite at home in EVE’s ring, fighting in 60 matches with the promotion. Kai’s a demon and Jayne is beyond confident. This match will be a must-see.

The Rock N’ Rome Express (c) vs. The Royal Aces – EVE Tag Team Championships

The Rock N’ Rome Express will defend their tag titles against one of the hardest teams to overcome—The Royal Aces. The Aces, Jetta and Charlie Morgan, are two former EVE champions, and composed of the first Ace of Eve (Morgan) and one half of the first-ever tag team champions (Jetta). The Royal Aces have a unbeatable and undeniable method of teamwork that The Rock N’ Rome Express will have to stop. Di Matteo and Rayne Leverkusen will have a tough battle ahead of them, but if the champions can keep their eyes on the prize, they’ll stand a good chance again the queens themselves, The Royal Aces.

The first half of Night 1 and Night 2 will be available to fans for free on EVE’s YouTube channel. EVE’s channel members on the EVE Champion Tier will be able to see the second half of the shows. Be sure to join the channel as Champion Tier member before the show! First bell will be at 7:30pm GMT, 2:00pm EST. Tickets are available on their website.

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