3 Takeaways heading into WWE WrestleMania 36

It’s hard to believe but WrestleMania 36 is just a little bit over two weeks away. After some speculation that it could be canceled or postponed, WWE announced that it will proceed as scheduled at the Performance Center.

This news ensures that their biggest event of the calendar year will make history for better or worse. For the first time, “The Showcase of the Immortals” won’t appear in front of a live crowd.

There’s so much to process here. Obviously, this was the correct decision. The safety and well-being of the WWE Universe and their Superstars should come first.

WrestleMania 36
Photo credit: WWE.com

However, the revelation leaves many fans to wonder exactly how this will affect WrestleMania. It will be jarring to see an event that is usually characterized as the biggest spectacle in pro wrestling confined to such a small space.

One could see this as a sign of the company’s resilience during this pandemic crisis and its commitment to deliver entertainment to its loyal fanbase. On the other hand, it will undoubtedly feel bittersweet for many people, who planned for months just to earn the chance to experience “The Show of Shows” in person.

One thing is for sure, no one will forget the events leading up to WrestleMania 36. Most of us will remember where we were when we witnessed the event this year.

This will be an adjustment. Nevertheless, it will give wrestling fans around the world a reason to come together and bond over our shared interests. We here at Bell to Belles are grateful for that opportunity and we appreciate WWE and its personnel for its dedication.

With that said, let’s get to the fun stuff. Here are three thoughts on WWE’s women’s division heading into WrestleMania 36.

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