Alicia Fox opens up about struggles with alcoholism

Alicia Fox has been surrounded by mystery for the better part of the year. Today, she admitted she has been recovering from a battle with alcoholism.

Fox took to Instagram to speak about her recovery and her intention to help others, who might also be struggling.

She said, “For a while, I thought I could avoid addressing my recovery of alcohol. I am human and realized it was time to be transparent and honest with you social media now written on #cyberconcrete. Today, I’m a few months sober. I’ve creatively navigated my emotions, snagged some new skills and I want to help! I’ve learned that alcoholism is a life-threatening situation and support is available. I figured I can share my insight and be of service to anyone finding it hard to believe that ‘YOU ARE IMPORTANT’ and deserve an opportunity to learn how to live a clean and sober life.”

She went on to invite others to contact her and get together to discuss ways to deal with alcoholism in a safe place.

Rumors about Alicia Fox surfaced when WWE reportedly fired Arn Anderson for letting her wrestle at a house show while intoxicated. Since her appearances on television have been sporadic.

The situation got even more unusual when she appeared at the Raw Reunion special as one of the returning legends. Last month, WWE officially moved Fox to the alumni section on their section.

It seemed like the company quietly retired her character, without addressing her status. Nevertheless, this newest revelation is a good sign. This is also a great message to anyone else who have struggled with addiction.

We here at Bell to Belles would like to wish her the best of luck on her continuing journey to recovery.

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