Big Swole details “Genesis” in new podcast

Big Swole shared her wrestling genesis with fans during her new podcast.

Saturday, Big Swole released the first episode of her new podcast “Swole World”, entitled “Thee Genesis”, where she shared with fans how she became Big Swole, how she started wrestling, and her future goals, now that she’s no longer contracted under AEW.

Swole described her time with the United States Air Force, as well as her struggles with Crohn’s Disease; an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that may affect the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in numerous whole-body complications.

During the episode, Swole also described her introduction to wrestling, despite her doctor’s insistence that she physically took it easy.

Swole shared how her illness was creating obstacles with her wrestling career, before AEW added her to their roster.

“I remember sitting there, and I asked God for two years to wrestle somewhere important, to carry on, because I just felt I needed to, and when I tell you this; He gave me the message of, ‘There’s something bigger coming for you, so you have to get ready.’ And I was ready, and that was right before I got to AEW, literally six months prior to me signing with them, or doing the All Out Battle Royal.”

After taking a few questions from fans, Swole ended the show by stating she fully plans on telling her side of the story in regards to her AEW absence and leave.

“So, I know that some people are waiting for the AEW story. Yes, I will be telling that story, and I will only be telling that story here, because this is where I would like my words to be. And that will come soon, and trust me it will be before New Years.”

Listen to “Swole World” on Callin, a program similar to Twitter Spaces, and be sure to bring your questions.

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