BTY becomes two-time SHINE Tag Team Champions

At Evolve 144, Jayme Jameson and Marti Belle, better known as BTY, defeated Triple Aye to become two-time SHINE Tag Team Champions.

The team of Big Swole and Aja Perera made history in September with Ayla Fox when they beat Rainbow Bright to win the tag title. Triple Aye were the first African American women to hold them.

On Saturday night, they defended the SHINE Tag Team Championship against a duo who had a lengthy tenure as champions, BTY(Better Than You). Marti Belle and Jayme Jameson won the vacant titles the finals of a tag team tournament in November of 2015 at SHINE 31.

BTY went on to enjoy 371-day reign before they lost to Raquel and Santana Garrett in December of 2016 at SHINE 39. Since they returned to the promotion last August, their goal has been to regain the titles.

Belle has made that much clear on Twitter, where she has engaged in a back and forth with Triple Aye. At Evolve 144, she and Jameson got “their first chance to prove they are still better than you.”

BTY and Triple Aye had a competitive match but a distraction outside the ring the made the difference. Brandi Lauren and Stormi attacked Ayla Fox, setting up a win for the challengers.

That means BTY is the new—and first—two-time SHINE Tag Team Champions.

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