CyberFight Festival 2021 to feature English commentary

This coming Sunday, June 6 at 1 am EST, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, DDT, and Ganbare Pro Wrestling will unite for supercard-in-the-making, CyberFight Festival 2021.

DDT and Noan President Sanshiro Takagi has set out to put together a wrestling festival that would follow the lead of rock festivals, leading to new wrestling fans, around the world. With the use of cross-promotion, Cyber Agent, owner of NOAH and DDT, hope to reach more homes.

One particular way the company plans on fulfilling that goal is by featuring English commentary at the upcoming event, which will likely attract a new international audience, as well as make viewing more convenient for the established English-speaking fanbase.

CyberFight Festival 2021 is set to happen in the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan, and features the following TJPW joshi matches:

Ten-woman tag team match: Mirai Maiumi, Suzume, Haruna Neko, Moka Miyamoto and Arisu Endo vs. Nao Kakuta, Raku, Pom Harajuku, Mahiro Kiryu and Kaya Toribami

Six-woman tag team match: Hikari Noa, Mizuki and Yuki Arai vs. Maki Itoh, Yuki Kamifuku, and Marika Kobashi

Princess of Princess Championship match: Miyu Yamashita (c) vs. Yuka Sakazaki

Fans can watch the event by subscribing to Wrestle Universe. Read a detailed overview of Wrestle Universe services in English here. The English guide to how to subscribe to the service can be found here.

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