CZW issues a statement on PPV controversy

Monday night, CZW issued a statement in response to LuFisto’s complaints about the titles and description of some upcoming pay-per-view events.

Over the weekend, the Canadian wrestler called out the New Jersey-based indie promotion over these salacious event titles. In response, they released the following statement on their Twitter account.

Two years ago, CZW entered into a licensing agreement with a national media distributory to license CZW and WSU footage. That company has the right to utilize the footage without limitation. They have repackaged and renamed shows as it is their right to do so. Our athletes, regardless of gender, are just that, athletes, whom we are proud of an appreciate. We stand behind the ring action in all our footage.

This quickly sparked in an outpouring of criticism from wrestlers online. Even worse, some of them alluded to some other inappropriate business practices.

This all paints a grim picture of CZW/WSU as a company. Blake Thomas’ response, in particular, puts this in perspective. This isn’t just poor treatment of women but it’s also an affront to everyone who worked to produce the matches they’re re-releasing.

It misrepresents their intent as well as the female wrestlers involved. The accusations of discrimination open another can of worm.

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