The Indie Hot Seat: Shea McCoy

Independent wrestler Shea McCoy was born and raised in New England. McCoy went back and forth watching wrestling during their childhood, but after graduating college, McCoy decided to train to become a pro wrestler.

Shea trained at the highly sought after CHIKARA Wrestle Factory and had their debut match in 2019. Since their debut, Shea is often sharing the ring with the other half of The Outfielders, Boomer Hatfield. McCoy has wrestled for Beyond Wrestling, WWR+ and GCW, to name a few.

Photo Credit: John Washer

Who is Shea McCoy?

Age: “Between 21 and 2,100”

Birthplace: Jericho, Vermont, USA

Trained: Trained at CHIKARA Wrestle Factory under the tutelage of Hallowicked, Fire Ant, and Drew Gulak.

Debut Match:

“March of 2019, Boomer Hatfield and I vs. Icarus and Merlok for a small promotion in a Harley Davidson dealership.”

When they started watching pro wrestling:

“Around age 6, then picking it up again at 17. And then dropping it before picking it up again, right before I started training.”

Shea’s journey into pro wrestling:

“I finished college, was working at Starbucks, and my last two internships I thought would lead to jobs in my chosen field didn’t work out. I was miserable and remembered how I’d wanted to train to wrestle right out of high school and never did. So I saved up the money, got my driver’s license and my own car, and got to work. Trained for about 3.5 years before debuting, which is abnormally long but it was a combo of injuries, needing a gimmick and needing a LOT of buffing and polish before being ready to go. “

Inspirations in the ring:

“Chyna. Lita. Manami Toyota. WCW’s The Goon.” 

Favorite match to date:

“Tag team? The Mane Event at Pizza Party, or Kings of the District at WWR+. Those are two teams I could wrestle every day of the week. Singles? Edith Surreal. Every time she and I wrestle it gets better and better.”

Photo Credit: John Washer

In-ring style:

“Roughneck, in your face, brawler. I started off as a heavy striker before working on my strength and realizing I could do big power moves, like my gory bomb and piledriver. Now it’s a unique combo of both!”

Dream opponents: 

“Kimber Lee. Ruby Soho. LuFisto. Hikaru Shida. EFFY. 2point0.”

Future goals:

“Winning and holding an indy promotion’s top championship. Japan. TV. “

Inspirational words:

“Drink water. Book more intergender wrestling. And support independent wrestling!”

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