Kiera Hogan has potential as a heel on IMPACT

Last Friday’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling saw Rosemary continue her ongoing war of darkness with Su Yung and her Undead Bridesmaids. A segment aired where the Bride and her minions attacked The Demon Assassin and Kiera Hogan was there to make the save. Except, she didn’t.

The typically fiery babyface committed an act – or lack there of, to be apropos – that could be mistaken for a heel’s wrong doing. Of course, in terms of storytelling, this was exactly what Rosemary wanted Hogan to do.

To make a long story short, Rosemary has been telling Hogan to stay out of her business ever since Allie died. The reason being because The Demon didn’t want her consumed by “the darkness” like their fallen friend. Seems like Hogan merely took heed to Rosemary’s warning for once last Friday.

However, that obviously isn’t how the live crowd saw it. Seeing as the IMPACT crowd aren’t always savvy to the segments taped for television, they don’t understand why Kiera Hogan blew Rosemary off. All they can see is what lies on the surface and what’s on the surface is that Hogan walked away from one of the audience’s most beloved babyfaces just when it seemed like she needed Hogan. Hence, why Hogan walked backstage ushered by a chorus of boos.

By the same sword, look at the way that IMPACT worded their YouTube video for the angle. Despite the promotion technically being in on Kiera’s assumed story driven reasons for walking away, they emphasize that Kiera “ABANDONED” Rosemary. Not that she finally gives Rosemary her space or that she finally listens to Rosemary about keeping distance. No, she abandoned her. You know who abandons their friends when they’re in dire need? Heels.

At the very least, particularly highlighting the crowd booing her, IMPACT have an opportunity where they can take the ball given to them and roll with it. That ball holding the possibility of a heel turn for Kiera Hogan.

Yes, such a prospect sounds ludicrous when directed at such a natural babyface. However, as regular SHINE viewers already know. Hogan’s already delivering strong heel performances elsewhere.

Kiera Hogan is a member of SHINE’s resident heel stable, The Cutie Pie Club. In that element, she expresses a far cockier and confident version of herself than we’re used to seeing from her on IMPACT. The Cutie Pie Club is a faction of egotistical Mean Girl-esque characters led by “Cutie Pie” Candy Cartwright. Believe it or not, the heel persona suits Kiera Hogan. In fact, playing a villain suits her surprisingly well.

Of course, whether she’s better as a heel or a face is up for debate, but it’s worth knowing that she can believably play both sides of the fence. The idea of her playing a solo antagonist for IMPACT is interesting. If nothing else, there’s potential there that IMPACT should visit one day rather than squander the opportunity.

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