Letter from the Editor: Bell To Belles Launch Day

When I first started writing for online websites nine years ago, I never expected it to stick. I thought writing was a neat hobby, and although the dream was always to continue to write for the rest of my life, I never expected to make any real money from it.

The landscape of journalism and creative writing is constantly changing as technology changes. The chance of being a journalist for a physical newspaper was bigger mere decades ago. The digital age has created less opportunities for a traditional journalist, and with that drop in opportunities also came a severe drop in income. It has become harder and harder to find a position writing for an online publication or website that has a solid income. Add a sudden influx of bloggers and online writers with little experience, and you’ve got a storm for the professional freelancers among us.

Despite the storm, I kept writing. I knew that the chance of becoming “big” or making a living off what I loved to do was not very likely, but writing is something I have to do for my happiness and health. It’s more than a hobby, and it takes prominence in my life.

I’ve wrote for a slew of different websites covering a wide range of topics, from horror, movies, the geek lifestyle, food and drink, sports, fantasy sports, music, and news. While writing for a few news websites, I fell upon DailyDDT, the FanSided professional wrestling site. I had worked with the editor there for another website at FanSided, and he recruited me to the ranks for the wrestling writers.

I fell in love.

From there, I joined the ranks of Fightful; another site with a dedicated leader and intelligent staff.

Though I loved both of the sites, I noticed that women’s wrestling was lacking in-depth coverage. With the women’s evolution in full swing, I wanted to lend a voice to a part of the wrestling history that had gone through some serious trials and disgusting trends. I wanted to create a positive place for women wrestlers and their fans.

I joined several sites in hope of creating that work place, but I felt the creative freedom was being suffocated by the need for commerce, investor relations, and a centralized business plan. The love for women’s wrestling was being monetized, and though I was earning a real paycheck from writing for the first time, I wasn’t happy, dedicated, motivated, or energized. I wasn’t enjoying myself, my work, or wrestling.

So I left those sites, and decided to create my own space for women’s wrestling, where thoughtful opinions and breaking news could have a home. I am lucky enough to have created some great relationships with content creators from the community, and they were generous enough to volunteer content and their time to help my cause. Lauren Founds, who I wrote with at another site, and Warren Hayes of the Mr. Warren Hayes Show have been the biggest help and motivators in the building of Bell To Belles. The site wouldn’t exist without the other owners or staff that I’m proud to call friends.

We hope you enjoy our corner of the wrestling community, and we aim to build relationships with other sites, content creators, and readers alike. We promise to never dilute the issues at hand because we want views, or we have investors to please.

Bell To Belles will evolve, much like the strong and talented women who have inspired us all.

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