Letter from the Editor: Bigger Than Wrestling

As a news site first, it’s our duty to report on the news and circumstances in this industry, from all over the world. Bell To Belles appreciates every single one of our readers who has supported us in our first year, and continue to look to us as a trusted source for news and opinions pieces.

I felt I needed to address something. Don’t worry, we will continue to bring you up-to-date coverage of women’s wrestling. Admittedly, I had a hard time focusing on wrestling content, this morning. It just feels like there are bigger issues at hand, and we can’t simply ignore them.

So, I wanted to try something a little different; something I learned from the late, great Stan Lee.

The events of the following week have left many fellow wrestling fans angry, sad, and afraid. The death of George Floyd, the subsequent outrage, and the violent response are events that most of us won’t forget anytime soon. It’s another dour note in a year full of uncertainty and tragedy. At the same time, it is all too familiar for black people all over the United States.

This is a reality for African American men and women. It’s not just a moment that will pass. These are issues that affect us every day of our lives.

We look to wrestling as an escape from real-world issues. However, it is important to recognize the way that our daily lives inform the way we consume entertainment. If you’re looking for relief from all of the depressing stuff on the news, imagine how black fans feel, all the time.

Floyd is not the only victim of senseless violence this year. We would be remiss if we didn’t also highlight the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. They joined a long list of men and women whose lives were tragically snatched away by incidents terrifyingly similar to this.

It has been extremely disappointing to see how the leadership of this country has handled everything, as of late. Many people are living in fear and they deserve answers. We deserve justice, understanding, and reassurance. Black people need to know that their lives matter and their grievances can’t be so easily ignored.

Instead, we are greeted with day after day of traumatic news and horrific video clips and soundbites. I can’t pretend I have a solution or even the right words to comfort everyone. I have struggled to find solace, myself.

I hope everyone stays safe and does what they can to keep their spirits up. Take care of yourself. Be kind, genuine, and empathetic. Most importantly, be vigilant and steadfast in search of truth and justice.

During this Pride Month, remember courageous individuals like Sandy Parker and Marsha P. Johnson. People who fought or sacrificed their lives so that others could have the freedom to be who they want to be in a world that sometimes feels hopeless.

We at Bell to Belles denounce systematic racism and violence against black people. We also stand with everyone all over the world who is seeking a resolution to the heinous acts.

As always, we will continue to bring you women’s wrestling content, but we did not feel right about devoting our time to covering women’s wrestling without using our platform to speak out. Thank you for your support. We’re in this together.

Philip Lindsey


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