The mediocre run of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have been perhaps one of the most misused belts in WWE history. WWE promoted these belts as if they were the next big step in equality for the women on the roster.

On Dec. 24, the championship belts were established and women throughout the roster began to drool over the possibility of becoming the inaugural champions. The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection (Sasha Banks and Bayley) were the team destined to win these belts, and in the opinion of many, the most deserving. Not only were they the team that could utilize these championships more than any other team, but they have been reported as being the ones who pushed to have the belts’ existence come to fruition.

Boss 'N'Hugg Connection
Photo Credit: WWE

Bayley and Banks won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at Elimination Chamber on Feb. 17, and so began their journey of what should have been a long reign being defended on all rosters, including NXT. What we got, was a barely-challenged run, where they lost the belts at WrestleMania to the IIconics in a fatal-four way match.

After their loss, Bayley was finally put into the title picture and now holds the SmackDown Women’s Championship, after defeating Charlotte Flair at Money in the Bank, where she cashed in her newly-won briefcase. Banks, on the other hand, has taken a sabbatical since WreslteMania, with rumors circulating that she tried to quit after the company made Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection drop the belts so soon.

When the IIconics defeated the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection, a lot of jaws dropped in the audience of MetLife Stadium. The Aussie duo are certainly deserving of holding the Championships, and have the chemistry as a team to make it a successful reign, but it has been a lackluster road, to say the least.

The IIconics
Photo Credit: WWE

The reason for the win may have been exposed, when Nikki and Brie Bella disclosed plans that were suppose to take place after WrestleMania. On their recent episode of ‘The Bellas Podcast’,  the twins revealed they were slated to make a big return at the post-WrestleMania SmackDown and go on a long run feuding with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Although the Bellas have had recent ring rust since their return last fall, the match-up between the two pairs would have been entertaining, and probably would have culminated at SummerSlam in August.

Unfortunately, this return and feud had to be nixed after Nikki learned she has an additional herniated disc above the area that has been surgical repaired, and a cyst on her brain. The Bella Twins would no longer return, which has left the IIconics with a stagnant title run.

Kay and Royce have held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships for three months and have hardly defended the championships. The Kabuki Warriors, made up of Kaira Sane and Asuka, have recently won the opportunity to battle for the Tag Team Championships, after they defeated the IIconics in a non-title match at a live event in Japan. This could be a game-changing feud, if executed correctly.

Part of the reason the Tag Team Championships have been such a dud, is there is not enough competition in the division. Besides the IIconics, the Kabuki Warriors and Fire & Desire, there are no other ready-made tag teams. Fire & Desire would be a great team to put on some amazing tag team matches, but as of late, they are teasing some sort of bizarre love angle between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose that could go very poorly.

WWE, in all of their “infinite wisdom”, split up the Riott Squad during the Superstar Shakeup, removing them from the hunt for gold. Now Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan are lost in the singles division shuffle while Ruby Riott recovers from surgery.

There are so many under-utilized women on the roster, even some random pairings would benefit the tag team division, and the women themselves. Natalya could team with the equally strong and improved Dana Brooke. Their athleticism and strength could add a whole new layer to the tag team division.

What started as an exciting and monumental time in women’s wrestling, has turned into a big disappointment. The Women’s Tag Team Championships are only five months young, and WWE has plenty of time to turn things around, allowing the tag team belts to be something fans look forward to seeing defended. WWE has a lot of kinks to work out, but there is still hope for the floundering women’s tag team division.

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