The Medusa Complex wins EVE tag titles at Wrestle Queendom 3

At Wrestle Queendom 3, Sammii Jayne and Gisele Shaw defended the EVE Tag Team Championship against The Medusa Complex, Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie, and the Woke Queens, Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie.

At the 2019 SHE-1 Series, Millie McKenzie defeated Mercedes Martinez in the finals to become the “Ace of EVE.” Afterward, she declared that she and Charli Evans would challenge for the tag titles at Wrestle Queendom.

Because Shaw never lost to McKenzie in the SHE-1, she considers herself the “True Ace of EVE.” She even forced Emily Read to introduce her as such.

At EVE’s Christmas show, the Woke Queens challenged Gisele Shaw to a match. Samii Jayne joined her and they pulled an upset to become the new tag team champions.

This set up the Triple Threat Elimination Match between the three teams in the main event of Wrestle Queendom.

Wrestle Queendom 3
Photo credit: Pro-Wrestling EVE

Initially, the fight broke down, with each team vying for control. It eventually became more of a straightforward tag team match.

The champions took over and cut the ring in half to isolate Debbie Keitel. However, the match picked up when Keitel finally tagged in Valkyrie.

Later, the Woke Queens introduced weapons to the bout. This ultimately backfired until they slammed Shaw on to a pile of chairs. Then, Medusa Complex re-entered the fight with stereo German suplexes.

Sammii Jayne took a nasty bump onto a board covered in barbed wire. It also looked like she hit her head on the steps behind her. Hopefully, she is ok.

Nevertheless, this set her up for a pin, but Keitel snuck in and stole the first fall to eliminate the champions. Afterward, the Woke Queens and The Medusa Complex fought it out for the remainder of the match, with Evans securing the win with Fujiwara armbar.

So, Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie left Wrestle Queendom 3 as the new EVE Tag Team Champions.

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