Natalya and Lacey Evans steal the show on Monday night

It has been a rough few days of WWE programming, but the women have still been a highlight. The company took on a lot of negative criticism since this weekend, but we should give them credit when they do something right.

In this case, we’ve been begging for mid-card feuds featuring women, and WWE finally delivered with Natalya and Lacey Evans.

The two absolutely stole the show last night in a wildly entertaining Last Woman Standing match. This was the fourth showdown in a series of matches that started last month when RAW returned to Madison Square Garden. They also faced off in a last-minute addition to the kickoff show before Hell in a Cell on Sunday night.

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Honestly, this rivalry felt pretty pedestrian at first, plagued by the company’s insistence on 50/50 booking. However, it actually played up each woman’s strength as it went on, which is precisely why mid-card programs like this are necessary.

Lacey Evans opened the match with a bit about putting Natalya in the trash where she belongs. She is an adequate wrestler but character moments like this are where Evans shines. “The Sassy Southern Belle” is so good at these over the top heel promos.

When the bell rang, Nattie brought the fight to Lacey but she eventually regained control. This is without a doubt her best performance so far. She was creative and aggressive, swinging Natalya into the barricade with a beautiful but brutal move.

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Evans continued to hurl her opponent around the arena. Then, she went to work with a Kendo stick. Still, “The Queen of Harts” continued to make it back up to her feet. In the most inventive spot of the match, Lacey placed Natalya in a chair and used the Kendo stick to trap her in it. Then, she leveled her with a massive kick to the chest.

Nattie fought back but Evans dominated for most of the fight. Every time she beat the ten-count, Lacey would immediately attack. “The Lady of WWE” led Hart Dungeon alum up the ramp and nailed her with a trash can. Then, she executed a moonsault from the barricade, but it still wasn’t enough.

Evans grew more frustrated. So, she suplexed her on the ramp, flung her into the set up top, and slammed her into the announce table. At this point, it looked like her match to win, but Natalya kept getting up, even after a bone-shattering suplex across the announce table.

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When Nattie finally countered Lacey, the crowd came alive as she powerbombed Evans off the stage and through a table below. The fans applauded both women as the official finished the count and Nataly picked up the win.

This was a surprisingly great match on a show light on big moments. It was easily the highlight of the night. Hopefully, WWE continues this trend and books more secondary feuds like this. The female superstars don’t have to be in a title program to produce entertaining fights or stories. This is further proof of that.

What did you think of this match? Would you like to see more mid-feuds like this one? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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