Nikki Cross replaces Alexa Bliss in Money in the Bank match

Unfortunately, Alexa Bliss won’t compete in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match this weekend. Today, WWE revealed the former Raw Women’s Champion isn’t medically cleared to wrestle on Sunday.

Alexa Bliss is not medically cleared to compete at WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday and has been removed from the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Bliss hasn’t wrestled since Apr. 29, where she lost to Naomi in a short match revolving around her trouble with her shoes. She was still a part of the European Tour, even though she didn’t work any of the live events.

Initially, she was slated to appear in the fatal four-way on this week’s episode of Raw, but she was written off, citing lost luggage as the reason. Nikki Cross replaced her and went on to win after she caught Natalya a hanging spinning neckbreaker.  

Moments ago, Cathy Kelley confirmed Nikki Cross will be her replacement. It’s possible Bliss wasn’t cleared for the last few weeks. So, creative wrote the storyline with Nikki Cross as a way set up a substitute if need be.

Alexa Bliss missed a significant amount of time from last October to the start of the year due to concussion-related issues. The company didn’t disclose if she was dealing with the same complications or if this is a new injury.

Because they’ve been trying to slowly ease her back into action this could be just a precaution. After all, the Money in the Bank match is dangerous, and her appearance in the ring have been relatively short since January. Hopefully, that’s all this is, and Alexa will be allowed to compete more consistently in the weeks to come.

Check back with Bell to Belles for more updates on the women’s Money in the Bank match.

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