Pro Wrestling: EVE to stream alternative to WWE’s Super Showdown

Following on from their principled stand during WWE’s Crown Jewel event, Pro Wrestling: EVE have confirmed that they will once again be livestreaming an alternative event. EVE’s cunningly named Super SheDown will feature some of the best matches from EVE’s year so far, serving as a recap of sorts as we head into Wrestle Queendom.

Pro Wrestling: EVE have never been afraid to make their feelings known and neither are they afraid to put their money where their metaphorical mouth is. With many fans disgruntled about WWE’s return to Saudi Arabia, EVE’s bold challenge offers an alternative to a show steeped in blood money and devoid of women’s wrestling.

WWE Superstars including Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn and Aleister Black have either declined or been held off of the Saudi Arabia show, for reasons ranging from political stance to their own safety. With WWE riding high on its supposed “Women’s Evolution,” it seems hypocritical to say the least for the promotion to host multiple shows in which its entire female roster are effectively banned from performing. It’s stunningly regressive stuff from WWE, who should be at the forefront of progress in pro wrestling.

WWE’s women’s roster has never felt more like an afterthought. Although it’s not surprising to see WWE put money before principle, it’s disappointing to note just how quickly they are willing to drop the entirely of its women’s division for the sake of money. In 2019, EVE’s statement shouldn’t feel revolutionary, but when the biggest pro wrestling company in the world puts cash over ethics, thank goodness for promotions who remind us that women’s wrestling matters.

Pro Wrestling: EVE pride themselves on delivering not just some of the very best women’s wrestling in the world, but some of the best wrestling full stop. If you’ve never had the pleasure, now is the ideal time to hop on the EVE train and experience some of the finest wrestling the UK has to offer. With stars like Kay Lee Ray, Nina Samuels, Charlie Morgan, Emi Sakura and many more, EVE’s alternative event is not just a protest, but a must-see.

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