Ranking the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions from worst to best

Ranking the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions from worst to best

The Kabuki Warriors 

When Paige announced she was managing Asuka and Kairi Sane, they became the top contenders for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. They’re both accomplished wrestlers apart, so they seemed destined to become a great tag team together. 

They did showcase some awesome tandem offense but they struggled to find success at first. They were still popular but they lost in their first two title matches. The Kabuki Warriors finally excelled without Paige because they seemed more comfortable cutting promos for themselves in Japanese.

They finally won the titles at Hell in a Cell and their subsequent heel turn did wonders for their characters. Asuka and Sane have been one of the most entertaining acts since, utilizing vicious and sneaky tactics to win.

Even though they cheat, The Kabuki Warriors also raised the quality and profile of women’s tag team matches. WWE finally made good on their initial promise as Asuka and Kairi defended their titles on NXT in a great match against Team Kick. At TLC, the Women’s Tag Team Championship headlined a pay-per-view event for the first time.

Their run has been the perfect blend of the character work that made the IIconics’ reign so fun and the prominence that Bliss Cross Applesauce enjoyed. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship is currently at its best but there’s still so much room for the division to grow. We can’t wait to see what WWE does with them in 2020.

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