Maria Manic makes ROH debut at Best in the World

Not too long ago, we previously commented on PWInsider’s Mike Johnson’s original report stating that Ring of Honor had signed Maria Manic to a contract. Now, ROH has confirmed that Manic has joined their roster following a jaw dropping debut earlier tonight at Best in the World.

The debut occurred mere moments after Angelina Love and Mandy Leon wrestled on behalf of the Allure stable to wrestle Jenny Rose and Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein. Thanks to a distraction assist from the outside by Velvet Sky, Love was able to nail the champion with a Botox Injection to secure a win for her team. However, rather than a win for The Allure, it was what happened after the match that brought the crowd to their feet.

Post-match, the lights went out and a promo for “The Maneater” aired on the screen.

When the lights were back on, The Maneater herself was staring down The Allure in the middle of the ring. However, before Maria Manic could get her hands on the heels, the trio fled and their security guards entered the ring in their place. They had the numbers game, but unfortunately for these guards, numbers don’t matter to a 161lb powerhouse like Maria Manic.

She tossed around and ragdolled each security guard with ease. At one point, Manic hoisted a guard up in the air – Razor’s Edge style – and chucked the poor guy onto a horde of even poorer guys. It seems that Manic’s storyline with The Allure may be far from over. In fact, it has only just begun.

Best in the World has always been considered to be one of Ring of Honor’s more high profile pay-per-view events ever since its 2014 event served as the company’s debut on major cable and satellite PPV providers. The fact that ROH had Manic debut on one of their biggest shows of the year seems to suggest that they have big plans in store for her in the future.

Stay tuned to ROH TV to see what those plans could be. And stay tuned to Bell to Belles for future updates on how they push her.

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