Roundtable: Who should be the first AEW Women’s World Champion?

Tonight, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will name the contenders for the inaugural AEW Women’s World Championship. We will also get the first look at the championship belt.

The company’s first women’s championship match will set the tone for the women’s division heading into their first year of television programming. More importantly, the winner, and first champion, will be an integral part of the promotion’s approach to creating a viable alternative for women’s wrestling.

So, who should be the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion? A roundtable of Bell to Belles staff is here to give their thoughts on the subject. Be sure to check out our predictions for All Out as well.

AEW Women's Championship
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

Who should be the first AEW Women’s Champion?

Lauren Founds: Britt Baker should be the first AEW Women’s Champion. Since this will be the inaugural champion, All Elite needs to choose someone they can build the division around and that is Britt Baker. She has the full package out of all the women that are officially signed to the roster and can be that leader the AEW Women’s Division needs. Executives have positioned Britt to be one of the faces of the company at press events so clearly they believe she can fill the role as a representative for the women’s division.

Kristen Ashly: If I’m AEW, I’m using the first women’s title as a chance to make a statement. Whether or not they want the champion to be face or heel, is the real question. Kylie Rae has been absent on social media lately, and so her status and feelings are unknown. I think AEW gives it to “new blood”, as in not a legend. Again, my gut feeling is that Baker is going to get the big push. But, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sadie Gibbs get that push, or better yet, give it to Big Swole.

AEW Women's World Champion
Photo credit: All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jeter: Much like the men’s world title scene, it appears that AEW will anchor the division around a menacing heel while lining up strong babyface opponents for her. Given the choices on the full-time roster, there’s no better choice than Nyla Rose. With the likes of Britt Baker, Allie, Kylie Rae and Hikaru Shida representing the babyface side—along with whoever else AEW signs down the line—Rose will have no shortage of opponents to produce some great matches and build up the title’s credibility.

Dean Buckley: I have conflicting feelings about who should be in the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion. I fully get the argument for Britt Baker, but she doesn’t stand out to me like Nyla Rose or Hikaru Shida. I want a heel champ to kick things off and either Rose or Shida could play that role well. But there’s a part of me that thinks it would be really funny if, despite all their noises to the contrary, AEW went full McMahon Family and had Brandi cheat her way to the title. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I really like Brandi Rhodes as a wrestler. She wears guile and cunning well, she’s deceptively strong, and she’s a bloody good promo to boot. But I know that wouldn’t go down well, for fair reasons. If it’s going to be someone who’s already been signed, then it should be Nyla Rose. I suspect it will be Britt Baker.

But if we’re talking a full fantasy booking, then the inaugural champion should be Priscilla Kelly. She would be great either as a face or heel champ. She’s so polarising that she’ll instantly bring interest to the women’s division, and she’s a good wrestler. She’d be the best promo in the division. She’s so weird you can imagine pretty much anyone finding a reason to feud with her. I just think she’s neat.

What do you think? Drop a comment below and let us know who you think should be the first AEW Women’s World Champion.

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