STARDOM crowned new Wonder of Stardom Champion

Sunday at their Cinderella Summer in Tokyo event, STARDOM crowned three new champions including a new Wonder of Stardom Champion.

New Wonder of Stardom Champion
Photo credit: STARDOM

First, Riho defended her title in a triple threat match. In the end, AZM ended her 351-day reign when she pinned Starlight Kid to become the new High Speed Champion.

Next, Jungle Kyona and Konami took on Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani for the vacant Goddess of Stardom Championship. The former champions, Tokyo Cyber Squad, fell victim to miscommunication when Jungle accidentally struck Konami.

Utami and Kamitani took advantage, landing a Magic Killer and German Suplex to win the tag titles. Afterward, Himeka and Maika challenged the new champions in an attempt to add more gold to Donna del Mondo.

Finally, Giulia faced Tam Nakano in the finals of the Wonder of Stardom Tournament. Nakano fought a tough 28-minute fight but the leader of Donna del Mondo eventually won by referee stoppage.

Tam refused to submit so Giulia forced her to pass out to become the new Wonder of Stardom Champion. Donna del Mondo continues their dominant run, collecting a third title.

They hold the Artist of Stardom Championship. Last week, Maika won the Future of Stardom title and now, Giulia possesses the “white belt.”

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