The Indie Hot Seat: Kennedi Copeland

Kennedi Copeland is a New England-based indie wrestler who has been wrestling for six years. She fell in love with the sport thanks to the ‘Big Red Machine’ Kane, and has been hooked ever since. Her flare for the hardcore, paired with her jiu-jitsu background, has given her many opportunities in the squared circle.

Copeland has wrestled for promotions like Beyond Wrestling, WWR+, and Limitless Wrestling. When she’s not wrestling, she saves animals at her weekly job with the Humane Society.

Kennedi Copeland
Photo Credit: Earl Gardner

Who is Kennedi Copeland?

Age: “What’s my age again? [laughs]”

Birthplace: The Capital Region of New York

Training: “I mostly trained at a local ‘academy’, one in which I would prefer to leave unnamed. It was a rather unsupportive and toxic environment, and is no longer in operation, so I believe it would be best to not give them any other sort of recognition. I did, however, find myself at Kevin Landry’s Pro Wrestling Combine later on in my career and the crew there has been nothing short of extremely helpful.”

Debut Match: September 12, 2015 against PJ Gonzalez at Slam All Star Wrestling in Montgomery, Vermont.”

When she started watching pro wrestling:

“The first memory I have of wrestling is seeing a masked Kane surrounded by fire during the Attitude Era, so that should give you an idea of how long I’ve been a fan! [laughs]”

Give me some background on your journey to becoming a pro wrestler: 

“Being a wrestler was never not an option for me. I can remember telling my dad while waiting for the school bus one morning I wanted to be just like Sable. He said, ‘I don’t know about that!’ 

“What I meant was, I wanted to powerbomb dudes just like she did. I also wanted to be like Chyna and mix it up with the guys. So I found a school in the area and signed up as soon as I was old enough to.”

Inspirations in the ring:

“Besides the aforementioned Sable and Chyna, it’s no secret I am heavily inspired by Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland. After all, I borrowed from his move set and even stole his name. I also strive to be as intense as Kurt Angle in the ring. Hey, one can dream.”

Kennedi Copeland
Photo Credit: Jon Washer

Favorite match/opponents to date:

“44.OH! may be a thorn in my side as of late, but I have to say Rickey Shane Page and Atticus Cogar have blessed me with my best matches to date.”

Her in-ring style:

“I draw inspiration from my jiu-jitsu background. It’s known as ‘the little man’s sport’, so submissions tend to work more in my favor.”

Dream opponents: 

“Anyone who stands in my way.”

Future goals:

“I just want to keep riding this wave of momentum I seem to be on and never want it to end. I work for a local humane society during the week. I would love to gain enough notoriety in wrestling and use that influence for the benefit of animal welfare.”

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