The top five AEW women’s matches of 2019

On Wednesday, AEW aired the final episode of Dynamite for the year. The new company accomplished a lot in its first year but most fans would agree their women’s division needs the most work. With that said, there were several great AEW women’s matches in 2019.

When given the opportunity, the female members of the roster delivered some outstanding performances. It’s a shame that they often didn’t get the storylines, vignettes, or build that some of the men got this year. Hopefully, AEW plans to address those concerns in 2020.

Although there was plenty to criticize, there were also quite a few positives coming out of the company’s first seven months, starting with Double or Nothing.

Their match quality improved drastically throughout the last few months. In addition, some recent signings have added some much-needed growth to the division. Moreover, Riho emerged as a great champion and an early fan favorite.

Overall, there’s enough to like about the content featuring women to keep an eye on it. They could conceivably make good on their promise to give fans a viable alternative to WWE.

For now, let’s take a look at their best output so far. These are the top five AEW women’s matches of 2019.

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