Three options for the new Wonder of Stardom Champion

After a brief hiatus, STARDOM returned last month to host its first live event since March. This weekend, the Joshi promotion will return Shin-kiba 1st Ring to kick off a tour of summer shows. They haven’t announced the card for these shows but now that they’re back into the swing of things the question remains: Who will be the next Wonder of Stardom Champion?

The “white belt” is currently vacant following Arisa Hoshiki’s announcement that she is retiring from wrestling. A combination of neck and head injuries put an end to her 370-day reign back in May. The news is still surreal for many fans as Hoshiki is only 24 years old.

STARDOM hasn’t made an official announcement about the status of the title but it’s something they will have to address soon. In the meantime, there are plenty of viable contenders for the Wonder of Stardom Champion.

From up-and-comers to stalwarts, the roster is full of talented women who are worthy of carrying on the lineage of the “white belt.” It would be fun to see a tournament to crown the next champion. Hopefully, plans for one are in the cards.

For now, here are three women we would like to see become the next Wonder of Stardom Champion.

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