Trish Adora crowned the first Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Champion

Saturday, F1ght Club Pro Wrestling crowned the first-ever Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion, Trish Adora.

The is a moment that has been in the making for a year. Representation has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry and professional wrestling is no different. F1ght Club Pro Wrestling seeks to create an outlet for African American and LGBTQ+ wrestlers.

Even more, the promotion helped to introduce a championship that is distinctly connected to African American culture; something black wrestlers and fans could feel was their own.

Last February, wrestling enthusiast, J.A., established the Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship. At the time, the goal was for there to be a tournament in Washington, D.C. for the new prize.

This weekend, that dream became a reality as eight participants competed for their chance to become the inaugural champion. In the semi-finals, Trish Adora defeated Eel O’Neal to eventually move on to the finals.

In the main event, Adora used her signature lariat to become the inaugural Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion in her hometown. The show ended as she raised the new title as the indie promotion’s top titleholder.

It has been amazing to see more women earn the top spot at wrestling companies. With that said, there’s something so special about seeing a black woman accomplish this, as well.

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