What does the future hold for Rosemary with IMPACT?

After a strong win at Impact Wrestling Rebellion, we take a look at what and who Rosemary could have in her future.

At IMPACT Wrestling: Rebellion, Rosemary took on Havok in a brutal Full Metal Mayhem Match. While Havok was able to dish out plenty of punishment along the way, Rosemary ultimately secured the win.

The match itself came together quite quickly. Taya Valkyrie was originally scheduled to challenge Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts Championship. Plans changed with each of them unable to make the tapings, likely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we saw two familiar rivals in Rosemary and Havok face each other.

With Father James Mitchell and The Undead Realm out of the picture thanks to the actions of Havok some weeks ago, things seem relatively uncertain for Rosemary moving forward. Her subsequent win over Havok seems to have put the final nail in the coffin of that rivalry, but where does that send her from here?

The first indication of where Rosemary might place her focus came with a cryptic video posted to her Twitter account.

In case you’re struggling to understand any of it, here’s a brief transcript of the video:

“We’re sorry, Rosemary’s currently unavailable for comment. The Demon Assassin has been using this time unsupervised to best inspect how to manipulate and control humans, turning them into living puppets with the sole purpose of aiding and entertaining her. If the purpose of the call is to pledge your soul to her and the shadow, please leave your name and number at the beep.”

The video also posed the question: “is that a fresh soul we smell?” Rosemary later tweeted out the video again with the comment “we’re searching for our next victim this week.” There’s definitely something new on the horizon, but who could it be?

There were a few more potential clues on this week’s episode of Impact!. During a tarot reading, Rosemary alluded to several moments in her past as she looked forward.

The possibilities for Rosemary seem relatively endless. Her old ally, Crazzy Steve, returned at Rebellion, but Rosemary seems to be looking for someone she doesn’t have an extensive history with.

While she’s done with Havok, there is a new member of the Knockouts Division who briefly tangoed with Rosemary during her days as Courtney Rush. Kimber Lee makes her IMPACT in-ring debut next week against Havok. She has been in the ring with Rosemary a total of four times from 2014 to 2016 according to Cagematch.

If Rosemary wanted to focus on Kimber Lee, it would certainly be a new human for her to manipulate. There are four other potential candidates that seem to be available, and each brings something different to the table.

The first, and perhaps the most likely, is Jordynne Grace. With her big win against Havok, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Rosemary challenge for the Knockouts Championship.

In fact, her tarot reading did mention her finally getting recognition. There is some history there, so it wouldn’t be a new match-up altogether. However, we haven’t seen an extensive rivalry between Grace and Rosemary.

The next two options are drastically different but are both newcomers to the Knockouts Division. Kylie Rae and Tenille Dashwood have both been making their mark since they signed with IMPACT.

Dashwood would be an interesting challenge and counter for Rosemary, while Kylie Rae could feel very familiar to an old ally. Kylie Rae’s character is a bit reminiscent of the sheer joy exuded by Allie, but she could certainly bring her own unique twist to a feud with Rosemary.

The final choice seems like the least likely, but it would certainly be a must-see feud. The current and reigning IMPACT World Champion is Tessa Blanchard. Her victory opened the gateway for other Knockouts to compete for the world title.

Next week, the company is hosting a tournament to crown a number one contender for the IMPACT World Championship. The bracket is filled. Still, it isn’t completely out of the question for Rosemary to manipulate one of the competitors and find a way to take their place.

Rosemary would be an altogether unknown entity against competitors she’s never stood across from. If she could blast through the tournament, it would send a massive message to Tessa Blanchard. The reigning champion is used to finding herself backed against a wall, but perhaps not against the type of threat Rosemary presents.

Of course, it could be someone we haven’t even seen on Impact! yet. Only time will tell, but fans will certainly be hanging on to Rosemary’s every word and tweet in the near future as we anxiously await the revelation of her future opponent.

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