Women of the 2021 PWI 500: #318 Ashley Vox

To celebrate a historical year for women’s wrestling, in collaboration with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Bell To Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI 500 ranking, creating the “Women of the 2021 PWI 500” Interview Series. To empower women in wrestling even more, some of the interviews were conducted by the talented women who make up wrestling media.

Ashley Vox, who ranked #318 on the 2021 PWI 500, shared with Lauren Founds of Bell To Belles her thoughts on her return to the PWI 500, SHIMMER Tag Team Championships, and intergender wrestling

LF: First, we want to congratulate you on ranking on the 2021 PWI 500! How does it feel to once again be recognized for your incredible work?

AV: I think nothing beats the first time being on the PWI 500! That feeling was so humbling and it was a wait I’ve been waiting since my first year of wrestling. I remember going through PWI 500 magazines when I first started wrestling and wishing I could be on one. I framed all 3 PWI magazines I was on last year, the 500, The Women’s 100 and the Tag Team all on my home gym wall. I placed it there to remind me of what I was proud to achieve and to push harder for a better year. It’s still so unreal to me that I’m now a part of this— I’m happy it wasn’t a one and done kind of thing. I was thrilled to hear I was back for this year, made me feel like I put in a lot of work. Despite covid and barely traveling until I was vaccinated, I feel like I did as much as I could this year. I’m grateful! I can’t wait to buy the magazine and frame it in my home gym.

LF: You’ve had an incredible year for several reasons, but what has really stood out is your legendary SHIMMER Tag Team Championship. Now that wrestling is opening back up, who would you like to face next with the titles?

AV: So many great tag teams I can name. I know Mercedes Martinez is back and I would love to face her in a singles. As for tag teams, Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering are doing doing great things at Impact. I would love if Delmi and I could work against them one day soon. A dream match that I know will probably never happen, haha—Sea Stars Vs The Young Bucks. Someone BOOK IT!

LF:  Also this year, you were featured in the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament where you competed against Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. Can you share how that moment felt for you? Will we see you more in Impact?

AV: It was great to be back at Impact, especially this time around because I had my better half with me. I love wrestling in singles but I feel better when I have Delmi with me. Not sure what the future holds for us there, would love to be back. Loved the girls, loved the locker room, loved Gail Kim being our agent!

LF: It’s been a great year for you on televised wrestling, all around! You were featured on AEW quite a bit, both in tag and singles action. With your success in singles action, will we see you more in singles matches?

AV: Not too sure, I know AEW is open for tag matches and singles. I’m down for anything, as long as I’m having fun wrestling. Hope to be back!

LF: Considering your career in intergender wrestling, are intergender matches an important part of your career, or is it just simply business as usual?

AV: I wouldn’t say intergender matches are the only important thing in my career. I love intergender matches don’t get me wrong, I love them just as much as I love women matches. I think wrestling is wrestling to me, no matter what gender it is. The only thing I want out of my wrestling career is to just have fun. That’s more important to me.

LF: We really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions, and really enjoyed looking over your career for the past year. Are there any future plans you want to share?

AV: I think I’m in a place in my life where, I’m just appreciating the small things and focusing on being happy with myself and wrestling. Focusing on being healthy and getting into the best shape I’ve ever been. I don’t have anything exciting to share for the future— but whatever it may be, I’m sure it’ll be fun and I’ll do it with my better half— my sea star Delmi!

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