Women of the 2021 PWI 500: #453 Killer Kelly

To celebrate a historical year for women’s wrestling, in collaboration with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Bell To Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI 500 ranking, creating the “Women of the 2021 PWI 500” Interview Series. To empower women in wrestling even more, some of the interviews were conducted by the talented women who make up wrestling media.

Killer Kelly, who ranked #453 on the 2021 PWI 500, shared with Kristen Ashly of Bell To Belles details on wXw, returning to the U.S., her time with IMPACT Wrestling, and more!

Kristen Ashly: First, we want to congratulate you on your first year ranking on the PWI 500! That’s really exciting news. How does it feel to be ranking for the first time on the list?

Killer Kelly: Thank you! It’s an absolute honor. To me, being ranked was always a synonym of doing something good and captivating in wrestling. And being on this list, whilst there’s a lot more wrestlers in the world, it’s crazy. Even more so because 2020 was my least busy year (with of course a pandemic going on), and I still did a bunch of cool memorable things.

KA: The ranking isn’t the only cool thing that has happened in your career during the last year. You also participated in the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Tournament with Renee Michelle as your partner. In the tournament you wrestled against the legend Jazz and Jordynne Grace. Can you share your experience with the tournament? Can we expect to see you on Impact again soon?

KK: I’m going to be 100% honest: I’ve never expected to be contacted by IMPACT, and was even more surprised to be contacted to be part of a Tag Team Tournament. I mean, me and Renee couldn’t be any more different (laughs), but we made it work and took that opportunity by the balls. I had so much fun, and shared the ring with a freaking legend. Me as a little preteen Portuguese girl never imagined to be in the ring with Jazz. Ever. But it happened, and it was so cool to be punched by her. As for going back to IMPACT, never say never. I never close a door.

KA: You also participated in GCW’s Bloodsport Women’s Tournament Final at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3. It’s one of the biggest shows of the US indie circuit. Can you share your experience with that tournament, and with GCW overall?

KK: My number one goal after closing my NXT UK chapter was to be part of Bloodsport. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Barnett wanted me to be part of it. And my experience couldn’t have been more amazing. I had the perfect opponent, we beat each other like that crowd have never seen, and we made a hell of a good impression. I never had so much fun in the ring, and I felt like I belonged and was part of the family. I legitimately can’t wait to be part of Bloodsport again, and this time do everything in my power to take the W.

KA: Considering your career in intergender wrestling, are intergender matches an important part of your career, or is it just simply business as usual?

KK: Business as usual. Big, small, man or woman, I only see red.

KA: We’ve talked before about how much wXw means to your career, as the first-ever wXw Women’s Champ. Most of your work during the last year has been with the promotion. Do you still consider wXw home?

KK: I will never not consider wXw my home. Without wXw I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every day I miss my German family, from the staff, roster, and the fans. I can’t wait to accomplish so much more in wrestling and then go back to them to share it with everyone.

KA: It’s outside of the PWI 500 evaluation period, but I feel like we need to talk about it! You just came back to wrestling after 8 months, and in the U.S.! How was your match against Kylie Rae for Black Label Pro? Does it feel good to be back?

KK: It feels so good to be back. My stress levels were in a all time high. I kept saying to myself that people wouldn’t recognize me or even like me—so, basically I’ve been sabotaging myself for quite a while before my big comeback. But all of that negativity made it even more special (I know, I’m crazy). I finally had my match with Kylie, it was more that I’ve dreamt of: the fans were a psyched for the both of us, and the energy was unmatched. All those emotions you saw in the ring were real, from the both of us. And I’m very thankful for BLP to finally make that happen. Seriously, go watch that match if you haven’t.

KA: Now that you’re back, can we expect to see you more places? Have you participated in any meetings you can talk about?

KK: Look at you trying to get all the scoops! I won’t say anything specific, but things are going good. Can’t wait to share it with all of you…but not now. And yes, you can expect me all over the country! I have so much to make up to.

KA: We really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions, and really enjoyed looking over your career for the past year. Are there any future plans you want to share?

KK: Surprises are even more fun, aren’t they? So let’s keep it that way! But I’ll say this: I want to wrestle EVERYWHERE, for EVERYONE. This killer really needs to be unleashed, and I know the fans are dying for that to happen.

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