Women of the 2021 PWI 500: #461 Jamie Senegal

To celebrate a historical year for women’s wrestling, in collaboration with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Bell To Belles interviewed over 20 women who have ranked on this year’s PWI 500 ranking, creating the “Women of the 2021 PWI 500” Interview Series. To empower women in wrestling even more, some of the interviews were conducted by the talented women who make up wrestling media.

Jamie Senegal, who ranked #461 on the 2021 PWI 500, shared with Kristen Ashly of Bell To Belles details on intergender wrestling, NWA EmPowerrr, and moments from her incredible year.

KA: First, we want to congratulate you on ranking on the 2021 PWI 500! How does it feel to once again be recognized for your incredible work?

JS: Thank you! It’s year five of me being in the 500! I am absolutely ecstatic, it feels wonderful to be recognized, especially as a queer talent.

KA: Your last year featured some really incredible moments, including your match against Allie Kat at October’s GCW Effy’s Big Gay Brunch! How did you feel in the moment for that match? 

JS: That match was fun, Allie takes a mean German Suplex!

KA: Also this last year, NPU hosted Jamie Senegal’s Glamorously Horrific No Ring Double Feature! You had an incredible No Ring Death Match against Su Yung. How did it feel to have basically your own event, with an insane match?

JS: It was wonderful! In 2017 I would run women’s show at the Sanctuary Stunt Studio so it was nostalgic for me to run that show! Wrestling Su was phenomenal per usual, even though she smeared cold wet dog food in my face.

KA: Considering your career in intergender wrestling, are intergender matches an important part of your career, or is it just simply business as usual?

JS: I like to do intergender wrestling because I like to prove that I can hang with some of the best men in the business!

KA: You’ve become a really important figure in the LGBTQ+ community, and your work has really started to pay off, with your recent appearance for NWA. Though technically outside of the ranking’s evaluation period, I think it’s important to ask. How does it feel to be the first out trans woman to ever wrestle for the legendary NWA?

JS: Wrestling for NWA was the greatest experience of my life. That locker room was full of so much wisdom, magic, legends, and young hungry talent. It was an honor and privilege to be the first trans woman to work for NWA.

KA: We really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions, and really enjoyed looking over your career for the past year. Are there any future plans you want to share?

JS: Thank you! I’m so happy to have had this opportunity! I guess you guys will have to keep your eyes peeled, eh!?

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